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Do I Need a TOEFL tutor?

Updated: May 15, 2021

Some students can prepare for the TOEFL test entirely on their own and score very well.  

Other students need more help in certain areas and some may need help on all four sections.

While there are a lot of free options for TOEFL advice on youtube or other social media platforms, it is very important that you get the help that you need from credible experts in the field.  


An expert TOEFL teacher can

  1. specifically target your needs

  2. correct your grammar and pronunciation errors

  3. help you manage your time on the test

  4. provide efficient test-taking strategies

  5. give you insight into the test based of their years of experience working with students

Plus, in today’s society when we all have our faces in our smartphones or computer screens, what is better than working with a REAL person?


Working with an expert is a gift!

Unfortunately, there are a lot of websites and learning materials out there that are faulty and outdated.  There are even some that want to offer students a certificate in TOEFL. Do not spend money on a TOEFL certificate! This will NOT help you to get the TOEFL score you need, nor will it be acceptable for a university.  

So, if you are looking for an expert TOEFL teacher, here are a few of my recommendations. These are teachers I know personally (listed in no particular order). They each have many years of experience helping international students achieve their TOEFL goals.

Danijela Jovanovic

Josh MacPherson

Jane Birkenhead


Michael Goodine


Jonathan Huggins

John Healy


Miguel Marcano

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