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TOEFL Reading
is full of challenging academic topics like geology, astronomy, paleontology and chemistry.
Students have told me, "I don't even understand all of these concepts in my own language, never mind in English!"
What if you could focus your attention on test taking strategies that save you time without worrying about difficult vocabulary and a complicated reading passage?
With the TOEFL Thrive Guide, learn how the reading section works with a fun and easy reading. Then, apply the strategies you've learned to more challenging passages. 
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What will I learn?

  • What the TOEFL reading section includes

  • How to approach TOEFL reading

  • How to manage your time

  • Effective strategies to help you answer the 10 types of reading questions

  • The most common TOEFL traps and how to eliminate them

What is included in this book?

  • Strategic approaches for all 10 reading question types

  • Over 100 practice questions equivalent to TOEFL-level reading questions

  • One simplified, fun reading to work with as you learn strategies

  • One full-length practice reading equivalent to TOEFL-level reading

  • Answer key with detailed explanations

The TOEFL Thrive Guide is available on amazon in Kindle format.

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