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Writing Task #1

TOEFL Reading Strategies Course

TOEFL Writing Task #1 
Self Study Course 

Writing for the TOEFL requires a plan.​

 In this course you will learn:

+ What to expect on the TOEFL Writing Task #1

+ How to structure and organize your essay

+ Proper sentence construction

+ An easy to follow template for Writing Task #1

+ How to avoid common grammar mistakes

+ How to summarize and paraphrase points from a reading and lecture

This course will help you improve English writing skills and prepare you for success with Writing Task #1.

Reading Tips
Inference Question

In this course you'll learn:


+ What an Inference Question is 

+ What the Inference Question looks like on the TOEFL test

+ Strategies on how to answer this question correctly

+ How to eliminate incorrect answer choices

+ How to improve your inferencing skills with two reading passages and 14 practice inference questions

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