Kirstyn taught me to see the TOEFL questions in a very simple way. She really motivated me to get my goals when I was hopeless. And I reached my goals thanks to her. I got the score I needed to get into my university. 
-Laura from Italy
My score was 84. Then I had two weeks training with Kirstyn. And after two weeks training, I took another test and my score was 114. And that's only because of how amazing Kirstyn is. TOEFL Land is something very unique and different. It's so very well written, so easy to understand, structured so nicely.
-Irina from Russia
Writer, Photographer
(Kirstyn's) lessons are student centered. She's so funny, always laughing and you can't forget the vocabulary she teaches you. She uses her body language and uses her voice so good that even 2 years ago in her lessons she taught me "hail" with body movements and I still remember it. My aim was to get 100 from TOEFL and I got it. After working with Kirstyn, I applied to Florida International University for Linguistic Master's and I (got) accepted. 
-Mina from Turkey
Kirstyn is seriously the best teacher I've ever had in my life. She can make the TOEFL so easy, so funny. And you can see TOEFL can be kind of boring and complicated because there is a lot of strategy, a lot of techniques to know. But she knows perfectly what she's doing. 
-Fiona from France
(Kirstyn) is a very amazing teacher. She is very kind and patient with her students. She is very professional and she always taught me how to use vocabulary exactly and correctly.
-Eric from Taiwan
Kirstyn taught me the methods and techniques that I needed to get my score. And finally, I got the score that I needed and got into UCLA extension and I'm currently studying there. 

-Daniella from Chile 

I graduated from Baghdad university. Then I moved to the United States five years ago and I started my journey to get my license to work as a pharmacist. One of the requirements is I have to pass Toefl ibt with a specific score for each section. Actually it is too hard to get these scores for each section in on exam. I did give up. Each time when I finish my exam I knew that I did not do well but each time I insisted more and more to achieve my dream goal. The first exam was December 4, 2021 and last one was November 27, 2022. At the first I was able to improve my reading score when I joined Kirstyn’s course in reading which is really helpful to improve your comprehensive understanding.



Kirstyn has some strategies which enabled me to solve my problem in reading within only two months. After that I took her classes in writing and speaking which helped me a lot to avoid making all my grammar mistakes and to have a perfect structure in my answers in speaking and writing. Kirstyn is always motivating her students to pursue their dreams and work hard. With every day practice and study  along with Kirstyn’s advice I was able to get the scores that I was looking for. I recommend that everyone who wants to get Toefl ibt to join Kirstyn’s course. She is the best teacher ever.

-Ruaa from Iraq


I took Kirstyn's class several years ago. Her TOEFL class was great. It helped me improve my TOEFL score. The writing techniques she taught me was amazing and useful. Even now I am still using the techniques to write my email and reports. 
-Kazuki from Tokyo, Japan
Business Executive & Entrepreneur
Nazila IELTS Academic Nov 2017 (1).jpg
Like many of you, I struggled for a long time with the IELTS and TOEFL and kept getting low scores in every attempt, until I met Kirstyn. I am Nazila, a General Practitioner from Iran. I have always been enthusiastic to learn English to communicate with other people to improve my knowledge and my career. In this way, I needed to take part in some exams such as IELTS and TOEFL to be qualified for university trainings. I am so glad to meet Kirstyn. She is an excellent, professional and positive teacher. Her way of teaching English made me a serious and continuous learner. Not only did I obtain the score I need fored for my university course, I learned to think and feel in English better than before and it makes me so happy. 
-Nazila Bakhtiary 
General Practitioner from Iran

IELTS Results:  Listening 8.0    Reading 7.0

                         Writing 6.0       Speaking 7.0

IMG_1022 2.jpg

- M. from Saudi Arabia


- Berk from Turkey