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Your Approach to the TOEFL 

When you begin your TOEFL studies, it’s like jumping off the highest diving platform with no flotation device.


There’s no way around it. In TOEFL, you’ve just got to jump.


You will flail. You will wave your arms around. You might even scream.

But I’ll make sure you won’t drown.


Making mistakes is okay. LEARN from the mistakes. Learning happens when you make a mistake and decide to learn from it.


Instead of crying about selecting the wrong answer, ask why.


Why did I select this answer choice and not this one?


Instead of throwing the TOEFL book across the room, ask: Did I read the question correctly?


Instead of giving up, ask: What is the TOEFL trap here and how can I avoid it next time?


When you begin to learn from your mistakes, you start swimming through TOEFL. You may even start flying.

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