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Hey, What's the MAIN idea?

So, you've got 3 MAIN ideas to select.

Time is running out.

What do you do?

This scenario is all too common on the TOEFL reading section.

Most likely this scenario causes stress, anxiety, nervousness -- ALL the things that won't help us answer the question and move on to the next.

What if I told you that TRUSTING yourself was the key?

This week I did a FREE class ALL about the main idea summary question.

Sure, students learned approaches to this summary question, but more importantly they learned how to TRUST themselves.

Not so sure you can trust yourself?

You build trust by practicing this skill again and again.

Soon, you'll be selecting 3 MAIN IDEA choices that are correct and getting the maximum 2 points for this question.

Ready to build a new level of trust in your TOEFL skills? Let's go! Watch the video below.

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