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Should I Take A Break from TOEFL Studies?

It's important to take breaks while studying.

This can be a short 30-minute break after a 2-hour study session or if you’ve been diligently studying every day, take the weekend off. Give your mind a rest from all things TOEFL. This helps you better understand and retain everything you’re learning. Otherwise, you’ll burn out quickly.

When I brought this up to a group of students one responded by saying:

“Sometimes taking a break turns into indifference. If I pause from my studies, it’s really hard to start studying again. It’s like I don’t care anymore. I’m over it.”

indifference: Lack of interest, concern, or sympathy


But, it’s really true. It’s easy to become indifferent about studying the TOEFL.

Even for me I can get indifferent about TEACHING the TOEFL.


The TOEFL isn’t an accurate reflection of how amazing you are.

No test can possibly measure that.

So, when you don’t see the high test scores you studied so hard for, you can start to feel sad and frustrated. It may feel your efforts are not amounting to anything.

You assume the test results are a measurement of your capabilities.

You may think your test score is an accurate reflection of who you are.

It’s not.

You are capable of SO MUCH.

You have infinite potential.

You already ARE the pharmacist, dentist, doctor, lawyer, teacher, artist, or ANYTHING ELSE YOUR HEART WANTS TO BE.

You already ARE the thing.

And TOEFL? It’s simply a challenge in your path at this moment - a kind of obstacle that is frustrating and annoying and yes, even unfair.

But what this TOEFL obstacle is actually saying to you is “HOW BAD DO YOU WANT IT?”

How much do you want to be a dentist or pharmacist?

Honestly, the ones who don’t really want it that bad will quit their TOEFL journey in the first year. The ones that REALLY want it are the ones whose friends think they are CRAZY, the ones whose parents say “maybe it’s time you chose another career…”

The ones who want it really bad won’t quit, even if it takes one, two, three or more years.

So, if it’s taking you longer than expected, know this is NORMAL.

And if you feel indifferent, that is also very common.

My response to my student :

“Sometimes it's okay to be indifferent about a standardized test that does not reflect the amazing human you are. In fact, it's more than okay. It's justified.”

Tests don’t reflect how amazing you are.

You have to know how amazing you are.

You have to believe that this CRAZY dream inside you is worth overcoming any obstacle that may be keeping you from it.

Don’t our favorite heroes face crazy obstacles and win?

Batman vs. Joker, Superman vs. kryptonite. Harry Potter vs. Voldemort.

You have the same heroic strength inside of you to win.

Don’t let this barrier get the best of you.

And when you need encouragement, I’m here.

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