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TOEFL Reading Changes in July 2023 (but not really)

The TOEFL Reading Section will change on July 26, 2023!

What are these changes?

  1. The Reading Section will have TWO passages

  2. 10 questions follow each passage for a total of 20 questions

  3. You have 35 minutes to complete the Reading Section

What doesn't change? The QUESTIONS!

That's right, you'll have the same questions that appear in your current practice materials.

If you don't have practice materials, consider practicing with me in my most-watched FREE TOEFL Reading class.

This video doesn't follow the most up-to-date format of the test, but it doesn't matter! What is important is staying focused on getting each question right.

Why is this so important?


On prior TOEFL tests, students would have to answer questions to un-scored reading passages. They didn't know which questions would count and which ones wouldn't toward their overall score.


That's an excellent reason to practice your skills so that you can answer each question correctly. When every question counts, you can't afford to make a mistake.

If you need more help, I recommend taking my TOEFL Strategies Reading Course available here.

For more details direct from ETS on ALL of the changes to the test go here.

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