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Write Your Resume  

(otherwise known as your CV)


Your Personal Statement 

Kirstyn helped me to find my educational memories and work life memories to put in the personal statement. She really gave me the path. In the end, I got accepted to my program. I really recommend this service to students who need help to write their personal statement.

-Derya from Turkey, Pharmacist

Kirstyn helped us with writing a comprehensive personal statement that we felt really confident about...For the interview part with Kirstyn, we improved our speaking skills, overcoming the barriers of feeling nervous when speaking English and being able to speak confidently...Finally guess what? We got accepted in the program and Kirstyn played a major role in this achievement. We highly recommend her to anyone who is feeling worried or anxious about their application process.

-Ghaith and Sura from Iraq, Pharmacists

The Personal Statement 

(or Statement of Purpose)

The personal statement lets the university know about who you are beyond your TOEFL score. You are more than just your G.P.A. You are more than your GRE, SAT, or GMAT score. You are a unique individual with gifts and a vision. Your university wants to know this!


Your personal statement must be well-written and grammatically correct. This is the first time the university will see your writing and first impressions are important. Admission committees and advisors will look at the academic quality of your writing. They will also be looking for your goals and inner motivation. If your test scores are average, admissions committees will carefully consider your personal statement. Your personal statement can actually be the deciding factor!

Are you ready to commit to making your personal statement the best it can be? Are you ready to write a personal statement that truly shows your unique talents and skills that only you have?

How It Works
  1. Select "Write Your Personal Statement" and schedule a live meeting with me. You will be directed to make your payment.

  2. Send your current personal statement to: with the subject heading: PERSONAL STATEMENT. You will receive confirmation that your personal statement has been received. If you don’t have a personal statement yet, that’s okay. Still send the email with the subject heading: Personal Statement. 

  3. Meet with me. Meeting #1 is 60 minutes. We will brainstorm ideas and make an exact plan on what to do next.

  4. You write your personal statement based on what we discussed in Meeting #1.

  5. Meet with me. Meeting #2 is 60 minutes. We will discuss any changes that need to be made and make a plan for you to further revise your writing.

  6. Meet with me. Meeting #3 is 60 minutes. I will go over your personal statement in detail to fix any other grammatical or spelling errors.

  7. Meeting #4 is 60 minutes. This is one final check to make sure your personal statement is the very best it can be!

Write Your Personal Statement

You get:




  • 4 One Hour Meetings to discuss your personal statement

  • Knowledge about what exactly universities are looking for in a personal statement

  • Brainstorming session to outline and come up with your content

  • Assistance & support as you write 

  • Help with revisions 

  • A finished personal statement that is ready to send out to universities


  • Practice interview questions that your university may ask you

  • Personal statement revisions that are uniquely designed for each university you apply to (Limit 8 universities)

The Resume

Writing a resume or CV can be challenging! There are many details about your work experience to fit in a small amount of space. Your resume should be clear, concise and aesthetically pleasing!


On top of all that, when you are writing your resume in English, you have to be aware of format differences between your country and an English speaking country.


For example, did you know that you should never put your birthdate on your resume if you are applying for a position in the United States? It’s actually illegal for a future employer to know your date of birth before hiring you. 


Your resume is the first thing a future employer will see and it must make a good impression. Professionalism and precise writing is a must. In the resume/CV consultation, you will receive one-on-one feedback on how to create your best resume and gain valuable insight on what English-speaking employers are looking for. Your job experience and education is already outstanding and now it is time to make your resume stand out!

How It Works

  1. Select "Write Your Resume" and schedule a live meeting with me. You will be directed to make your payment.

  2. Send your current resume/CV you have to: with the subject heading: RESUME. You will receive confirmation that your resume/CV has been received. If you don’t have a resume yet, that’s okay. Still send the email with the subject heading: RESUME. 

  3. Meet with me. Meeting #1 is 60 minutes. We will discuss where you are currently at in your resume writing process and edits that need to be made.

  4. You edit and re-write your resume.

  5. Meet with me. Meeting #2 is 60 minutes. We will discuss any changes that need to be made. 

  6. I will go over your resume in detail to fix any other grammatical or spelling errors.

  7. Your resume is set!

Write Your Resume


You get:

  • 2 One Hour Meetings to discuss your resume

  • Clear knowledge about what an English-speaking employer or university is looking for

  • Example Resumes and CVs that are specifically for your major and your job experience

  • Professional Editing of your resume/CV

  • Time for revisions so you can understand how to write future resumes for yourself 

  • A finished resume that impresses!


  • Practice interview questions that future employers may ask and how to prepare for them.

How It Works
Are you Writing Both Your Personal Statement and Your Resume? 
Get all of the above.
Resume and Personal Statement Package


The package includes everything in the individual resume and personal statement offerings.

Please note:

  • All payments are made in full prior to each writing evaluation or live lesson.

  • 24-hour cancelation policy: All live lessons canceled less than 24 hours before your scheduled appointment will not be refunded. 

  • There is no refund if you miss a scheduled live lesson.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: I've found other editing and revision services online for less money. Why is this service so expensive?

Answer: In the editing world, you do get what you pay for. Good editors should know the audience you are writing for. In the case of academics and employment, it is important that your editor have direct experience with applying to schools for advanced degrees and with applying to a variety of jobs. Also, if you want to become a strong writer, it is important that you learn how to write for yourself. Not only will you get a resume and personal statement that shines, you'll also understand how to write them for yourself. You are investing in your own learning so that next time, you will not need any help at all.

Question: There are services in my country that will write my resume and personal statement for me. Will you write it for me?

Answer: No, I will not do the writing for you. I want to teach you the skills you need to be successful with writing for the rest of your life. You will not have to depend on anyone else to write it for you. 

Question: Why is it so important to write the resume and personal statement yourself?

Answer: You are the only one living your life. Why would you want someone who doesn't really know you to write documents that represent your academic and work life? You know yourself and that is exactly why you are the perfect person to write your resume and personal statement. 

Question: If feedback does not meet my expectations, can I get a refund?

Answer: For the Resume and Personal Statement Consultations there will be no refunds. With these offerings, there are opportunities to go into more depth with your feedback through our one-on-one sessions. Therefore, if there is any further clarification you need this can be addressed in our live chat meetings.

Question: When do I send you my documents?

Answer: After payment, send your resume and/or personal statement to  


Question: What format do I send my documents in?

Answer: You can send documents in .doc or .docx formats. Please NO links or .pdf files. 

Question: Who are you and why should I trust you with my resume and personal statement?

Answer: Excellent question! If you'd like to know more about me click here. 

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