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Improve Your Speaking

When you've been trying to increase your speaking score on your test again and again and your score hasn't changed, then you know it's time to work one-on-one with a TOEFL teacher! 

Schedule a live session with me and you'll learn how to:

  • gain confidence in your speaking abilities

  • improve fluency

  • deliver clear speech

  • use a variety of vocabulary word choices

  • avoid making grammar mistakes

Improve Your Speaking


one-hour session


For the student who needs to improve their speaking for the TOEFL or to increase fluency in everyday English conversation. In each session you'll receive:

  • detailed feedback 

  • live corrections

  • homework for further practice

  • suggested speaking exercises

Book one session or as many sessions as you like. Each live session is one hour.

Please note: 

  • All payments are made in full prior to each writing evaluation or live lesson.

  • 24-hour cancelation policy: All live lessons canceled less than 24 hours before your scheduled appointment will not be refunded. 

  • There is no refund if you miss a scheduled live lesson.

Question: If feedback does not meet my expectations, can I get a refund?

Answer: If you are not satisfied after our first online meeting, you can request a full refund. Refunds will not be issued after that. 


Question: I’m studying for the IELTS, not the TOEFL. Can I practice IELTS speaking?

Answer: Yes you can. However, you must provide the speaking prompts and send them to me. 


Question: Will you score my speaking?

Answer: Yes. You will be given 2 scores. The first score will be on the scale of 0.0-4.0 (4.0 is excellent). This is the score that your real TOEFL human grader will give you before it is converted to a 30 point scale. The second score will be on a scale of 0-30 (30 is the perfect TOEFL writing score). 

Question: Will you correct my grammar mistakes?

Answer: Yes. Grammar mistakes will be corrected. 

Question: Who are you and why should I trust you with my speaking?

Answer: That's an excellent question. To learn more about me and my qualifications as an English speaking coach click here. 

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