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Take Your Academic Writing to the Next Level

Updated: Jul 10, 2018

Academic Writing is advanced writing. That means your writing has to rise to the NEXT LEVEL. Here are some useful tips for next level writing.

1. AVOID using 'good' or 'bad' These words are vague (unclear).

You know lots of other words! Why not use them?

Good = positive, advantageous, beneficial

Bad= negative, disadvantageous, harmful

2. AVOID using 'etc.' If it's really that important, then TELL me what is 'etc.'?  I don't know what 'etc.' means to you.  Write it out.

3. AVOID using 'thing.' What is this thing? I like things. Things are BAD. Things are very bad. WHAT are these THINGS? Things are bad for the same reason you should avoid using 'bad.'  The word 'thing' is too vague!

4. AVOID using vague adjectives or over-used adjectives such as: nice or kind or interesting or boring. UGH!  TOEFL students are all writing about their nice neighbors, the interesting movie or the boring lecture. Use other words! Use lively words! Use words that will catch the attention of your TOEFL grader!

My neighbors are so generous and thoughtful!

The movie was captivating!

The lecture was so dull that I was snoring after the first five minutes.

ENLIVEN your writing! Spice it up!

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