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TOEFL Listening: Vocabulary for University Life Part 1

Updated: May 28, 2018

TOEFL Listening is about what happens on a college campus. From lectures to conversations with administrative assistants and students, TOEFL is a mini-simulation of life at a university.

Here are 3 Offices that students in TOEFL Listening may go.

The Bursar’s Office (noun)

An office that is in charge of billing statements for tuition money.

When a student goes to the Bursar’s Office, they may owe money and have to settle a payment. They may have received a bill in error. They may have paid too much money and the Bursar’s Office will issue a refund.

I saw an email from the Bursar’s Office in my inbox, but I didn’t read it yet. I hope I don’t owe more tuition money.

The Registrar’s Office (noun)

An office that is in charge of registration for classes.

A student will go to the Registrar’s office whenever they need to address a situation with their classes. A student may need to the Registrar’s Office to add a class, drop a class or get their transcripts.

I signed up for 21 credits this semester, but I just can’t handle the workload. I’m going to the Registrar’s Office to see if I can still drop a class.

The Financial Aid Office (noun)

An office that is in charge of helping students get financial aid.

With high tuition rates many students cannot afford to pay for their school costs all at once. In order to cover these costs, a financial aid officer at a university can help students to find scholarships or take out a loan.

The helpful person from Financial Aid Office will give more us more information tomorrow at the student loan workshop.

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