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TOEFL Listening: Vocabulary for University Life Part 2

In the Listening and Speaking Sections of the TOEFL, we listen to the conversations students have with university professors, administrators and fellow students. The students have all sorts of problems: an assignment they don’t understand, a roommate they don’t get along with oran overwhelming schedule. It’s important to know a little bit more about these students. At the very basic level, you should know the key terms they use to express what year of study they are in.

1st year Freshman

2nd year Sophomore

3rd year Junior

4th year Senior

In a TOEFL conversation between a student and an office administrator you might hear:

Student: Hello! I’d like to change majors.

Administrator: What year are you in?

Student: I’m a sophomore.

Administrator: That’s not a problem. If you were a junior, you’d have to file more paperwork and obtain signatures from professors in your department. But, since you are a sophomore all you need to do is fill out this form and sign it and that’s it!

Be familiar with these key terms as you navigate your TOEFL studies.

Also know that these terms apply to both high school students working towards their diploma and undergraduate students at a college or university working on their 4-year degree.

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