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Free TOEFL Masterclass!

I've been wanting to organize an event like this for a long time and now, it's here! This word "masterclass" gets thrown around a lot these days. However, with this line up of teachers who have been teaching TOEFL for a LONG time I can honestly say they are masters in the TOEFL.

What Will I Learn in the TOEFL Masterclass?

TOEFL Study Tips, How to Approach the Vocabulary Question, Paraphrase Question, and Inference Question, General Tips for the Listening Section, Helpful Methods for Fluency in the Speaking Section and a demonstration of Writing Task 2.

Who Will Teach? 8 Expert TOEFL teachers come together to present their insider strategies for scoring high on the TOEFL. Our Masterclass teachers include Josh MacPherson, Kathy Spratt, Danijela Jovanovic, Jane Birkenhead, Sherlen Tanner, Jonathan Huggins, Miguel Marcano, and Kirstyn Lazur.

Why Take This Masterclass Now? This Masterclass offers pro tips from the best TOEFL teachers teaching online today. If you feel that you've fallen behind on your TOEFL studies or you've lost your motivation, then this TOEFL Masterclass will give you the inspiration you need to jump back into your TOEFL studies. This free class is for a limited time only and starts May 4th 12 noon PST.

How do I join?

Join our TOEFL Masterclass Facebook Group today. TOEFL teachers will be in the group and you'll get some TOEFL tips in the days leading up to the TOEFL Masterclass. The link to the TOEFL Masterclass will be there on May 4th! Click here or go:

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