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What TOEFL Score Do I Need?

“What TOEFL score do I need?”

Answer: It all depends on what YOU want.

Do you want to go for a master's degree at Princeton University or would you like to get into a certificate program at UCLA extension? What you want to specifically achieve will determine the TOEFL score you need. Let’s check out some specific programs.

As you can see, different programs have different requirements.

So, what do you do?

1. Ask your university if there is a TOEFL requirement. Not every program requires the TOEFL test. If your program does require the TOEFL, then ask what score is required. If you are taking TOEFL for your job (and not for acceptance to a university), then ask employers in your field what kind of TOEFL score they are looking for.

2. Always do the research yourself! This is the best way to find out what score you need. If you cannot find a minimum score listed on a university website, call the school. Contact the admissions department. In addition, contact the specific department that you are applying to and ask them directly.

3. Keep in mind that once you achieve a required minimum score and are accepted to a university, the university may require that you take additional English writing courses before you begin studying your major. This English requirement exists so that you gain additional practice with academic writing and reading and are prepared for the classes in your major.

Searching for a school and finding out their requirements takes a lot of time and effort. Don’t give up! Keep searching until you’ve found the answers to your questions. Good luck!

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