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Writing Task 2: What's a hook?

Updated: Jul 24, 2023

**UPDATE** As of July 26, 2023 Writing Task #2 will now be an Academic Discussion Writing Task. Therefore, the following advice will not apply to TOEFL. You can find out more at or click here and scroll to "New Writing Task." This advice does apply if you are planning to continue academic education in English and want to improve as a writer.

Introductions can be challenging, but the right first words make a strong impression. In this video, you'll learn about a hook, which is a way you can capture the attention of your TOEFL grader. When you learn this important skill you'll not only convince your TOEFL grader that you know how to write an essay, but you'll also charm them into giving you a higher score.

Do you need more help with your writing? Click here.

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