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Check Your Grammar

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Got a proofreader?

I know you may have grammarly, but grammarly can only get you so far. A computer program still does not have the ability to detect nuances that will make your writing sound natural and fluent. Use of idiomatic phrases and special expressions cannot always be corrected accurately by an app. Only a human being with a love of words can help you there. 

What I can do for you as a proofreader:

  • correct grammar, spelling, and punctuation errors

  • make sure each sentence is clear and natural-sounding

  • eliminate unnecessary phrases or repetition of ideas or words

Professional proofreading is essential when submitting a document at the collegiate or career level. Your writing must impress. That means the words on your page must be lively and captivating. I haven't seen a computer program yet that can add those qualities to a document. 

Are you ready for professional proofreading? 

How It Works

1. Click the payment button below and submit your payment.

2. Send your document in word (.docx) format to:

3. You will receive a response within 24 hours that your document has been received. 

4. You will receive your edited and proofread final document in word (.docx) format. You will receive a second document that tracks every change that was made. 

Check Your Grammar

$25 * (1-2 page document, double-spaced)

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For the writer who needs proofreading for a short document such as: a short essay, paper, or professional email. You will receive: 

  • A final, edited draft that is ready for submission

  • A draft that indicates each of the edits made

This service includes grammar edits only & does not include content editing or suggestions for organization, word usage, additions or deletions.

*Note: If you have a document that is longer than 3 pages double spaced, there may be an additional charge. Email your longer document to me to receive information about pricing. 

Please note: 

  • All payments are made in full prior to proofreading

  • If you are not 100% satisfied with your edited document, you will receive a full refund.

Question: If my edited final document does not meet my expectations, can I get a refund?

Answer: Yes. You will receive a full refund. 

Question: Can I send you my TOEFL, GRE, GMAT, or IELTS essays for proofreading?

Answer: No. This offering is for writing that takes place outside of those tests. Please see Improve Your Writing if you'd like to see your score go up in the Writing Section of these tests. 

Question: I have one paragraph written for my document. Will proofreading help me finish my document?

Answer: No. You must submit a finished document for this service. Proofreading will not include: adding content, suggesting content, or offering feedback of how to finish the document. If you are writing a personal statement or resume and you are not finished or need help with your process go to Write Your Resume and Personal Statement

Question: Will you correct my grammar mistakes?

Answer: Yes. Grammar mistakes will be corrected as well as punctuation, spelling, and misuse of vocabulary. 

Question: Who are you and why should I trust you with my writing?

Answer: That's an excellent question. To learn more about me and my qualifications as a proofreader click here. 

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