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Writing Task 1 Practice: 5G

Updated: Mar 12

Read the following passage. You have 3 minutes to read the passage. Get your timers or your stopwatch ready to time yourself. The time starts as soon as you begin reading the passage below.



Using both microwaves and millimeter waves, 5G technology has the capacity for faster internet connections. However, efficient connectivity is one small aspect of the expansive capabilities of 5G networks. The advent of 5G technology will positively impact the environment, transportation systems and human health.

Through connection to a 5G network, each home will become more energy efficient. Reducing energy consumption means a decrease in harmful emissions from power plants that burn fossil fuels. By capturing data from sensors connected to home appliances, information about each home’s energy usage can be calculated and energy waste can be mitigated. Temperature and lighting can be adjusted according to room occupancy, expending energy only when necessary.

Driverless cars connected to 5G networks will provide safer and more effective transportation. With the ability to communicate wirelessly, these smart cars will be able to detect traffic signals with the benefit of synchronizing a trip with green lights. They have the ability to communicate with other cars on the road as well, negotiating turns and merging into lanes. Self-driving cars connected to 5G receive information on the movement of ambulances, automatically and safely pulling over to allow emergency vehicles to pass.

Revolutionary advances in healthcare systems through 5G networks are set to improve people’s healthcare. With robot-assisted technology and high speed connection, an individual can safely be operated on by a surgeon located in another part of the world, making surgical expertise more accessible. In addition, remote monitoring devices can send patient information to the healthcare team in real-time, enabling patients to remain in the comfort of their home while still being overseen by their doctors and nurses.

Now, listen to the Lecture. You may take notes as you listen.

You have 20 minutes to write an essay explaining how the points in the lecture oppose the points made in the reading.

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